Noon Magazine - Issue 12

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Noon is a biannual magazine which explores art and commerce in contemporary culture. 

Placing creative collaboration front and centre, each themed issue draws on a network of the industry’s foremost photographers, fashion editors, artists and writers to consider the human experience today. It is an innovative, subversive and always experimental look at the modern condition, interrogating the intersection of print and digital publishing in order to push at the boundaries of both. Noon was founded in 2014 by creative director Jasmine Raznahan.

Issue 12 // SS20

Noon's twelfth issue imagines New Communities for a brave new world. Individualism: the freedom that comes from opting out; disrupting hierarchies; re-appropriating subcultures; cultural displacement; new ways of working; hope through locality, and embracing the idea of "just enough". Now, the only truism is that there is only the present. Future unknown. All is flux. Coordinates lost. The possibility of a new landscape.