Some easy steps to measure your face to find the perfect frame fit. 
In general, your frames should sit on the outside of your cheekbones. A key part of finding out your perfect frame fit is where your eye sits in the lenses.

lens width 

An average lens width is 46-49mm. 
A petite lens width is 46-49mm or less. 
A large or oversize lens width is 50+mm. 
To work out your best fit, put on a pair of frames and look at where your eye sits within the frame. It should be in the middle of the lens horizontally, and in the middle or above the middle of the frame vertically. It's best not to have your eye sit too high in the lens or too close to the bridge. 

frame temples

A standard frame temple length is between 143-150mm. If you find that your frames don't fit properly or are slippery on your ears, this can be easily adjusted by taking them to your optometrist. They simply heat the acetate up, which is the material on the arms of the frame, and mould them to your preference. 

frame bridge

A nose bridge is generally 19-23mm. There are many different varieties of bridges and different bridges will sit differently on the nose. As a rule of thumb you want a frame that sits comfortably on your nose, but you can also get adjustable nose pads from your optometrist if you need a custom bridge fit. 

auór sizing 

These are the measurements of our frames for your reference: 

Frame Width 143mm / Lens Width 51.3mm / Bridge 20.1mm / Temple 145mm

Frame Width 136 mm / Lens 46.3 mm / Bridge 24.6 mm / Temple 143m

Frame Width 144 mm / Lens 46.4 mm / Bridge 23.2 mm / Temple 143mm

Frame Width 140mm x 41mm / Lens width 45mm / Bridge 26mm / 145mm

If you need any support with our eyewear sizing, please get in touch as we are more than happy to help you. 

We also offer a service where you can email us a colour photo of your face (front on) along with your face width (ear to ear) and we can send you back your selections or potential frame options.
Please email info@auor.co for further assistance.