Tips for taking care of your eyewear

Always carry your eyewear in the auór custom leather pouch to protect them from getting damaged. If you lose your pouch you can purchase them separately here.

To clean your lenses you can use a gentle eyewear lens solution or cleaning cloth.
Avoid placing your eyewear on rough or harsh surfaces, as this may scratch the lenses or acetate. We can replace damaged lenses if required. Please email info@auor.co for a quote.

Wearing eyewear regularly on top of your head will loosen the arms and the overall fit of the frame. It’s best to avoid this as much as possible but you can always take them to any optometrist to have them loosened or tightened to your specifications.
To help keep your eyewear in shape, it’s best to handle them with both hands and fold the left arm under the right arm when closing them.

Avoid leaving your eyewear in exposed sunlight for long periods (like on the dashboard of your car), or submerged water or salt water for long periods. This will protect them from fade, wear and rusting.