Tips for taking care of your eyewear

Always carry your eyewear in the auór custom leather pouch to protect them from getting damaged. If you lose your pouch you can purchase them separately here.

To clean your lenses you can use a gentle eyewear lens solution or cleaning cloth.
We sell environmentally friendly Gobe glass cleaner here and all of our frames come with a gentle microfibre cleaning cloth. 

Avoid placing your eyewear on rough or harsh surfaces, as this may scratch the lenses or acetate. We can replace damaged lenses if required. Please email info@auor.co for a quote.

To help keep your eyewear in shape, it’s best to handle them with both hands and fold the left arm under the right arm when closing them.

Avoid leaving your eyewear in exposed sunlight for long periods (like on the dashboard of your car), or submerged water or salt water for long periods. This will protect them from fade, wear and rusting.

Tips for glasses loose on face / or sitting crooked

Normally when you buy a new pair of sunglasses they may require some adjustment to ensure a perfect fit. If they don't fit perfectly initially, we recommend you take them to a local optometrist or enquire with SOS Eyewear in Australia or New Zealand to have them fit especially for your particular face shape. All of our frames have been designed with with an average face shape measurement in mind, so for most faces they don't need any further TLC. 

Wearing eyewear regularly on top of your head will also naturally loosen the arms and the overall fit of the frame over time. So a hairdryer is literally all you need to correct them in most cases from home. 

If sunglasses are loose

If your glasses are loose you will need to heat up the frame a little and bend the arms in towards each other at or around the area of the bend by your ear. 

If your sunglasses are crooked

If your sunglasses are crooked (lens sitting higher on one side) you will need to heat up the frame a little and bend the arms downwards on the lowest side. You should do this at the hinge or the bend by the ear where the frame is most adjustable.

Top tips for adjusting arms

1. Use a hair dryer to carefully heat up the arms to make them a little easier to bend.

2. Make sure to support the frames as you carefully bend them.

3. Don't force the frame to bend.

4. If you contain the heat by holding the frames inside a bowl or container as you heat, it will help.

5. Don't hold the hair dryer for too long in one place on the frame.

* While our sunglasses are strong, we recommend not to use excessive force while trying to bend the arms. Also just be careful of the heat from the hairdryer and use caution and care. 

If in doubt call your local optometrist, SOS Eyewear or send us an email at info@auor.co

More comprehensive information about our repair services can also be found here