Auór has an ongoing commitment to our product’s longevity. We design so that our eyewear is classic and minimal, and transcends short lived fashion trends. We use premium materials in the handcrafting of our frames so they wear well, can be repaired when broken, and ultimately worn for as long as possible.

To further encourage a long life for our sunglasses we have launched our Circularity Program where you can send in your auór sunglasses that are tired or broken in exchange for a discount on a new pair. We can also arrange (and recommend) affordable repairs if you still love the pair you have.

Old pairs that can be fixed, will be re-furbished and sold in our seconds / refurbished section on our website. These will be released in batches and provide a different price point for customers. Any pairs that are beyond fixing will be taken apart and all materials collected to recycle responsibly.

Because the ultimate sustainable fashion move is to wear your items for as long as possible, we have a time from purchase/percentage ratio which encourages this (cleverly thought up by our friends at Omdo Studios London).

Time from purchase/percentage ratio: 

0-1 year  -  10% Discount
1-2 years. - 20% Discount
2+ years - 30% Discount


1. Make contact with us at info@auor.co to find out where to post your pair back and how to receive your discount.

2. Based on time from purchase we work out your discount and email you a code to use on our online store.

3. Voila, new specs for you, and we can recycle the parts or refurbish and re-sell your old pair to someone else at a friendly price.


To further our education in being sustainable designers and manufacturers we are currently taking the Sustainablist Masterclass course with Supercylers, which has been created to address our material impact on the world, and how to make that impact sustainable. 

The course is not about how to separate your recycling. It’s not even about recycling. It’s about a mind shift that puts sustainability at the centre of our business and practice.

Too often sustainability is treated as an afterthought, but we are committed to a long term integral, informative and beneficial focus of how we design and make things.

What defines us is that the purpose of a company is not just profits, but also the social and environmental good it can do too!