Handwoven Kerchief

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Handwoven Kerchief by Jungeun Lee who is an Auckland based textile atelier. 

Jungeun designs and makes fabrics using traditional crafting techniques. 

This handwoven kerchief is part of an artisanal series studying classic patterns such as gingham and madras plaid. 

Each kerchief is made individually on a floor loom using a mixture of contrasting yet harmonious colours. 

It can be worn as a headscarf, around the neck or mounted on a wall for decorative purposes. 

Fibre: 70% linen / 30% cotton. 

Care: Gently hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Handwoven fabrics can appear to look a little different after washing. You can expect this kerchief to be much softer and to gain a little weight which is a feature of linen post wash.