lauren brincat

In Conversation With Lauren Brincat.

We’ve had huge lady crush on artist Lauren Brincat for far too long!

So we are honoured to be featuring her on the auór journal this month coinciding with her latest work ‘Other Tempo’ on now at Carriageworks as part of the Liveworks Festival.

Brincat is an artist who works across diverse media from video and performance to sculpture and installation. Using a variety of platforms her work explores non-verbal modes of expression through narratives or ideas.

So we sat down with Lauren to unpack this creative soul a little more.

Where did you grow up and where is home for you now?

I grew up in Western Sydney and home for me now is Elizabeth bay with all the other artists.  

Your life has taken you to some interesting destinations. Is there a place that’s really captured you?

Yes it has!

Mexico and Paris.

I will never be tired of getting on the plane to go to either of those places.

I feel like Mexico is the beauty you feel as if a defibrillator’s fastened to your eyes, a drum kit inside your soul.

And then Paris is the city of love and I’m an awful romantic, plus my best friend lives there.  Also that’s where Jeanne D’arc lives!

Can you describe your personality in three words?

Gemini, European, Crimson

Are you an introvert or extravert?



When did you first realize you were a creative?

39 years ago, there has never been a plan b.

Can you tell us about your artistic practice and residency?

I like to work across diverse media from video and performance to sculpture and installation. My recent work is sculptural, working with textiles to create malleable forms that can be activated by participants. I am currently also working with a team of 6 incredible drummers.

I am currently at Artspace with their residency programme. It’s a one year studio residency and it’s free!

It’s really great because it’s close to home and with beautiful ocean views.

What are you currently working on?

‘The Other Tempo’, - which is just coming to an end now at Carriageworks.

I am working on a few major shows for next year which are still embargo, but will include a new performance land piece, called the ‘Walking Work’.

Do you have any studio rituals for pleasure or productivity?

I always start with putting on the kettle and watering my plants.

Strangely I don’t ever sit, I always stand in my studio and I do laps around my thinking table.

What do you get up to outside of your artistic practice?

It’s kind of the same things there’s no difference.

I have a 5 year old so we spend a lot of time in nature and a husband who loves to eat out.  So I’m either walking or eating.

If I’m lucky enough I might even go dancing.

Any excuse to dance, I love nothing more than dancing.

I can’t work without music, it’s like my life warm up!

What are you reading and listening to at the moment?

I’m going through all of Debra Levy’s books and also reading terra firma magazine.

I’ve made a Spotify playlist called ‘Level up’ and it’s a bit of a ‘fuck you’ and ‘I’m my own boss’ sort of soundtrack. It features some of the following - Beyonce. Azealia Banks, Betty Davis, Nina Simone.

The music is a reflection of how I’m feeling on the inside.

What are you most looking forward to?

I always look forward to summer.

I am also looking forward to turning 40 in Paris next year, I will be there doing Art Gallery of New South Wales residency at the Cité.


Lauren Brincat | ‘Other Tempo’

Until 27 October | | @laurenbrincatstudio

Photography | Kristen Lindesay & Romello Pereira